Market Data Application Service (MDAS)

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MDAS is a service extension to our product MDA. As a result, RSU relieves your resources not only on the technical side, but also with regard to process design: Along with our powerful tool, we take care of its operation as well – in part or in full, in accordance with your situation and requirements. For the individual steps, this includes:

Data supply: We take care of defining the relevant financial instruments and managing the sources.

Core process Golden Value Specification: For all tools in use, we define the rules for tests and inspections, perform plausibility checks, and fine-tune manually as required.

Golden Value release: If you wish, we can also handle the release, ensuring that Golden Values will be checked by a second pair of eyes.

Valuation of financial instruments: WE can incorporate this feature into the system and tailor it to your requirements.

General monitoring: From data collection to publishing, we perform all the necessary monitoring activities – a service that can be extemded in line with your needs.

Needless to say, master data maintenance is a core part of our service portfolio. So is our support for regulatory reporting.

Data Quality as a Service:

If you opt for MDAS, we’ll take care of the entire operation and administration of our MDA tool – in line with your specific requirements, of course.

This is what MDAS is based on:

Market Data Application (MDA)

A central market data system for all divisions and departments. Serving as your Single Point of Truth, the system provides the data needed by all of your company’s financial and risk functions.

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