Risk Guard

Early-warning system for credit risks

Make the future more predictable

Ratings reflect changing conditions with a delay. To recognize credit risks early on and avoid losses, you need special tools and procedures – which is why the German regulator BaFin lists having an early-warning system as one of its “Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk).”

Our early warning system Risk Guard determines risk scores on a daily basis, forecasts significant changes in creditworthiness, and generates warning signals – with up to one year’s notice – for companies (listed and others), banks, entire industries, countries, and regions.



This highly versatile tool has a range of applications, including:

Financial controlling of credit risks

Risk management

Portfolio management

Asset management


Analyses are based on financial data – specifically, capital market data for listed companies as well as for countries, regions, and industries; and industry-specific market data combined with company-specific balance sheet information for unlisted companies. In addition, the tool uses specially developed analytic models that evaluate the daily news from all relevant sources (currently in German, with English-language sources to be added soon) and use machine learning to process it. All models are regularly validated and continually enhanced.


Risk Guard is web-based

Easy and quick to implement, the tool is available in German and English. To make it your central early-warning platform, tailored to your specific portfolio, all you need to do is integrate your in-house alerts.

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