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Professional risk management would be incomplete without forward-looking analyses. They are important not only for banks and insurers (in their role as institutional investors) but also for industrial companies; for instance, when managing supply chain risks.

RSU ANALYTICS offers just the right solutions. Our high-end tools combine market, macro, and peer group data with the latest news to generate meaningful information for you, giving you a sound basis for your business decisions. Applications range from the management of credit, investment, or supplier portfolios to the evaluation of potential business partnerships.

Our analysis systems are customized to blend in with your in-house processes. All of them meet IFRS 9 standards, all are regularly validated and developed further.

You bring your specific knowledge – we provide the software and statistical models. Analytical expertise and state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips.

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Risk Guard

Our early-warning system Risk Guard uses statistical methods (including machine learning) to evaluate market and news data on a daily basis. If default risks are detected, the tool issues alerts – up to one year in advance. Risk Guard enables you to monitor risks not only for publicly listed companies but also for unlisted companies, including SMEs.
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Risk Analyzer

Risk Analyzer uses statistical methods to analyze capital market and balance sheet information. The tool provides monthly assessments of creditworthiness for more than 30,000 individual businesses worldwide – including their relative position in the respective peer group – and offers valuable help for portfolio modeling. Risk Analyzer can be used stand-alone or in combination with your existing systems.
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Stress Test Analyzer

Stress Test Analyzer models the impact of – randomly selectable – macroeconomic stress scenarios on rating-relevant data, effectively supporting you in determining your risk capital requirements. Specifically, the tool quantifies changes in default probabilities (PD shift) – at the country, industry, or asset class level – as well as in CDS trajectories.
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“We’re very pleased to have found a capable and reliable partner in RSU, whose tools provide valuable support in our risk management process.”

Florian Stärk, Head of Asset Pricing & Analysis – MEAG

“In addition to attractive returns, which are certainly important, above all we seek to ensure an appropriate risk-return balance. RSU’s systems play a key role in assessing the risks associated with our investment decisions.”

Head of the Credit Office – Ampega Asset Management GmbH

“After intense scrutiny, we found a reliable partner in RSU. Their processes have proven their worth over the years.”

CIO and Head of Infrastructure Debt – Allianz Global Investors

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supports you in all tasks associated with measuring risk  – efficiently, reliably and in accordance with regulatory requirements. Our unique data pool ensures high data quality and validity. Enhance your decision-making certainty while relieving your people of the “grunt work.”

offers powerful tools for managing your financial market data. Our systems automatically deliver accurate, consistent, and quality-assured data from a single source to all relevant divisions and departments – reliably and customized to each unit’s needs.

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