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RSU provides top-notch software solutions to support your company’s risk management. Whether you run a bank, an insurance company, an asset management firm or an industrial corporation – we can help you strengthen your business’s future viability. When it comes to rating systems, we are the German market leader. Renowned financial players have relied on our expertise for years.

Three powerful brands under one roof.

We cover the specific requirements for risk assessment with strong services in three fields:

RSU RATING supports you in everything to do with measuring risk – efficiently, reliably, and in line with regulatory requirements. Our data pool, which is unique across Europe, guarantees high-quality and valid data. In sum, our solutions enhance your decision certainty while sparing your in-house resources.


RSU Analytics provides effective solutions for early risk detection. Validated data is combined with innovative algorithms and models to form meaningful and relevant information tailored to your specific portfolio – so you have everything at your fingertips to take corrective action at the first warning signs.


RSU Markets offers powerful tools for your financial data management. In an automated process, our systems reliably deliver accurate, consistent, and quality-assured single-source information to your divisions and departments – tailored to their respective needs. The result is a quantum leap in efficiency and data quality.


Top-notch support – for you, you, and you.

Measuring and managing risk is a key challenge for anyone whose business model is built around third parties’ creditworthiness. This feature is shared by a number of different industries, each posing its own demands. We provide effective support for all of them.


At financial institutions, risk controlling is becoming a key management tool, moving rating and risk measurement to center stage. With procedures designed by RSU, you are superbly equipped.
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Institutional investors

These days, adequate returns can’t be taken for granted. That makes it all the more important to keep a sharp eye on associated risks when looking for new opportunities. Our powerful tools help you do just that.
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Other industries

Supply chain risk management, strategic business partnerships, and corporate treasury are key fields where we can provide strong support for your company – based on our broad and in-depth expertise and powerful IT solutions.
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